Countersinking and thread
milling from M2

JEL®  Thread milling cutter MGF


With the JEL®  thread milling cutter MGF,
only one tool is required to machine the
90° chamfer and the thread. These
spiral fluted tools stand out for their very
smooth running and low lateral forces.

Animation Thread milling cutter MGF



  • Diameter range from
    2.0 to 20.0 mm
  • For thread lengths
    1.5xD, 2xD and 2.5xD
  • PCD tipped for Diameter range from
    8.0 to 12.0 mm
  • PCD tipped for thread length 2xD

Your PLUS:

  • One tool for different tolerances
  • One and the same tool for different
    diameters > nominal-Ø with the
    same pitch
  • For blind and through drill holes
  • Machining of different materials
    with one tool
  • Exact and repeatable chamfer
    and thread depth
  • No chips remain in the thread
  • Stepp drill can be replaced by
    a standard twist drill
  • High Speed Cutting (HSC) possible