Dynamic monitoring

Tool monitoring / tool breakage detection without teaching

This monitoring module is excellently suitable for monitoring tools used for processes with low batch sizes. If the system detects a tool breakage it stops production. This way, downstream tools can be protected (tool protection). This module can be used for monitoring from the very first workpiece, without various processes having to be learnt first. Which is what the module name WP1+X means – Workpiece 1 plus all the following workpieces. In contrast to the monitoring of a complete process, the focus here is on monitoring tool breakage (tool breakage monitoring, tool breakage detection). Tool breakage can be detected safely with this module. Since information about the process sequence is not available, the properties (heuristics) of individual and tool-specific signal sequences are recorded in the first moments of a first cut. These are used to determine the maximum permissible dynamics (dx after dt) and the mean signal behaviour (mean torque).