DIHART® reamers:

Getting closer to the customer with a new product line and service strategy


Efficiency, speed and flexibility are the basic requirements today for success in the market. The reamer specialist DIHART® has faced this challenge and scrutinised and restructured all the manufacturing processes required to meet it. The optimisation of production processes combined with a comprehensive, requirement-oriented revision of the product range will set new standards in customer orientation. As a result, users immediately benefit from both advantageous prices and, above all, straightforward ordering procedures and superfast, reliable logistics.



Compact product line, easier ordering


With the creation of a new, more compact product range, DIHART® will in future concentrate more on modular, semi-standardised and finish-ground tools. On the one hand, this makes it easier for the user to navigate through the total product range and, on the other, it facilitates greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. A high degree of individualisation is still achieved by combining the essential performance parameters of cutting geometry, cutting tool material and coating. The clear structuring of the product line will in future enable DIHART® not only to deliver faster but also to meet most customer's' requirements directly from stock.