KOMET® Quatron hi.feed -milling cutter

The success enjoyed by our tried and tested KUB Quatron® solid drill range continues in our new milling cutter range. With the unique Quatron indexable insert developed from solid drilling technology, we are extending our experience to the new Quatron hi.feed milling cutter.

Plunge milling (also known more simply as plunging) is a type of machining particularly suitable for cutting deep grooves and large cavities. Plunge milling can be the ideal solution for large projection lengths and unstable conditions.

Film KOMET® Quatron hi.feed




The  Quatron hi.feed is a high-performance roughing tool for the fast removal of large quantities of cut metal. 


Your PLUS:

  • Mill cutting bores with just one tool rather than enlarging them with several drilling tools.
  • Four cutting edges per insert lowers production costs per cutter.
  • Increase in productivity thanks to high-volume chip removal.
  • Deflection of passive forces in an axial direction. Plunge milling puts less stress on the spindle thanks to the lower loading.
  • Variable manufacture of different diameters.
  • Low cutting pressure.
  • A tough substrate allows universal use for steel, cast iron and stainless materials.
  • Capable of high feed rates - up to 2 mm per cutting edge.