Honing with Xstep and KomTronic

This combination allows machining centres to be used for path-controlled honing, too. This has enormous economic and quality-related advantages.

Honing is a fine machining process for the high-precision machining of cylindrical or slightly out-of-round holes that must have optimum surface sliding properties. The material is removed with honing stones with an abrasive coating. In order to do this extremely precisely, the honing stone retainer
of the Xstep® honing tools, whose outer surface line reproduces the cylinder to be machined, are very finely adjusted mechanically to compensate for wear on the honing stone retainer and the required removal of material. The positioning measurement is determined by means of a measurement step following honing
(post-process measurement), whereby the process itself is always terminated at the same end diameter and it is only necessary to compensate for the wearing of the honing stones.

It must be possible to set the adjustment speed to best suit the process at hand with regard to surface quality, wear, and measurement precision. This is achieved by the precision small drives
integrated into the KomTronic® drive units.


The rotation of the motor shaft is converted into a pull movement for the adjustment of the honing stones. The concentricity of the honing stones can be set directly on the honing tool holder. The pre-machining of the diameter to be honed should also be very accurate in order to avoid empty strokes. Manually adjustable fine spindle tools from the KOMET range can be used for this.


Examples: MicroKom® M040 or MicroKom® BluFlex™. If tool adjustment is to be carried out automatically, a KomTronic® U-axis head can be used.



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Benefits for you:


  • Small and medium series can be finished and honed on the
    machining centre profitably
  • Pre-machining and honing can take place in a single clamping
    operation: Only one clamping unit required, no loss of
    precision or time due to reclamping, short processing times
    (single set-up), smaller honing offsets required





Honing - Car connecting rod, big eye