Mechatronics from KOMET

 U-Axis System Optional with Linear Encoder

Thanks to their low weight and minimal size and the relatively large adjustment path for the tool, the new generation of  KOMET KomTronic® U-axis systems already represents the latest level of development. With a modular system, we are now offering a new supplemental direct encoder. In comparison with the normal indirect encoder, this offers significantly improved repeat accuracy, which also characterises the mechatronic tool systems by   KOMET®  as state-of-the-art products.

The mechatronic   KOMET KomTronic®  U-axis systems essentially consist of a compact facing head with single slide that is driven by a servo motor and threaded spindle. The power and data are transmitted contact-fee and inductively to the U axis head via a segment-shaped stator that is fitted to the spindle. This transmission occurs independently from the spindle speed. The mechatronic U-axis systems are therefore automatically exchangeable NC axes. The movement of the steel blade is interpolated with the Z axis. This enables contour machining and longitudinal turning on parts that are not rotationally symmetrical. Through the combined use of customised snap-on tools and optimally selected indexable inserts, it is possible to machine contours in bores as well as external contours. The mechatronic tool systems enable a significant shortening of production times, better surface quality, and improved dimensional accuracy. In addition, fewer different tools are required and there is no need to procure moulding tools.

Flexibility straight from the toolbox

The KomTronic® U-axis systems are mainly based on the technology project  KomTronic® HPS (High-Precision Systems) for high-speed machining. Here, the main aim is to increase speed, which requires - among other things - compact designs with lower weights. The UAS-115 from the new  KomTronic® generation weighs only 6.4 kilogrammes and enables an impressive stroke of ±11 millimetres with a head diameter of just 115 millimetres.
The adjustment mechanism is integrated into the compact drive unit. The current facing slide module is adapted in line with this. Along the same lines, there are HSK100 versions in addition to the HSK63 variant. The modular system means that these two head sizes enable the realisation of several U-axis variants with different sizes and weights and different radial strokes of 22 or 50 millimetres.

1:1 position measurement on slider

Otherwise, the mechatronic tooling systems work with an indirect encoder. The new direct encoder also takes into account interferences to mechanical elements. Thanks to the direct encoder on the slider, the control can be used to react immediately. Although precision was already high, this still constitutes yet another significant improvement in repeat accuracy. The fact that this optional method of position measurement can be chosen by customers on request is another advantage of the consistent modular philosophy, a mindset which is applied to the standard range of  KomTronic® U-axis systems. Examined from this point of view, the modular nature of these mechatronic tool systems can also be said to be a state-of-the-art characteristic.

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BENEFITS for you:

  • Direct encoder

  • Higher level of positioning accuracy for even more precise machining

  • Head diameter 115 mm

  • Stroke ±11 mm

  • Weight 6.4 kg