Chip-free thread production

JEL®  Roll form taps

In contrast to thread cutting, no chips
are created when producing threads
with roll form taps. The thread
production is carried out by reforming.
In addition to HSS-E tools, solid carbide
roll form taps are also available,
together with roll form taps with solid
carbide stripes, exclusively from JEL®.
The combination of elastic tool body
and hard carbide edges produces
the best performance. 



  • Materials with elongation of > 5%
    and tensile strength < 1000 N/mm2
  • On simple drilling machines, transfer
    lines or machining centres
  • Also for large thread depths


Your PLUS:

  • Smoother surface than with
    thread cutting
  • Up to 20-times longer tool life
    in comparison to tools made of HSS-E
  • Small alignment errors are
    compensated when using troll form taps
    with carbide stripes
  • Higher cutting speeds possible than
    with thread cutting
  • No chips
  • Deep-lying threads can also be
    produced without problem