Thread production by cutting


JEL®  taps

HSS-E taps can be universally used
for almost  all materials. Solid
carbide taps in finest grain quality
are available for maximum tool life.
These tools are ideally suitable for
the machining of aluminium alloys
with a high silicon content, brittle
materials such as grey cast iron or
short chipping brass as well as
heavy-duty materials.


  • Aluminium alloys with a high
    silicon content
  • Grey cast iron
  • Short chipping brass
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Hard machining
  • On almost all machines


Your PLUS:

  • Up to 20-times longer tool life
    with solid carbide taps in
    comparison to taps of HSS-E
  • Low tool changing times due to
    longer tool life
  • Higher cutting speeds, resulting
    in shorter machining times for

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