Variable drilling, countersinking thread milling system

VABOS  Tool system   

VABOS  is a modular tool system which
can be used in many applications where
the use of a solid carbide tool is not
economical. This is the case if large
diameter differences have to be
overcome, such as an M10 thread with
a face countersink diameter of 32 mm.
In the production of bores and threads
on CNC machining centres, substantial
time savings and quality improvements
can be achieved.

The VABOS tool system consists of
three components, which are designed
according to the application:

  • Adapter
  • Indexable inserts
  • Central tool

Central tools for VABOS:

  • Thread milling cutters MKG, MGF
    or TOMILL
  • Drill thread milling cutters BGF
    or DBGF
  • Drill reamers BRL


  • Machining of bores or bore/thread
    combinations with large diameter
    differences in series production

Your PLUS:

  • Combination of several operations
    in one tool
  • Fewer tool changes
  • Reduction of machining time